Traffic Volume Data

Hourly count of vehicles from portable and permanent traffic counters on NWT Numbered Highways, Winter Roads, and Access Roads for 1993 to 2021 calendar years. Fields include date, hour, and number of vehicles for each counter location. Each Excel file corresponds to one calendar year.

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Metadata Standard .4
Metadata Contact Position Infrastructure Planner
Creator Policy, Planning and Communications Division
Source Data is collected from 22 portable counters on NT Numbered Highways, 12 portable counters on NT Winter Roads, and 12 permanent counters on NT Numbered Highways.
Summary There are 3 columns associated with each counter location. The first column contains the hourly traffic counts with the counter ID in the header row. The second column includes the daily total traffic. The third column shows the monthly hourly total traffic and appears in the 24 rows corresponding to the last day of the month.
Local Relevance INF collects, analyzes, and publishes traffic data from various sources on the highway network. The data obtained is used by INF to monitor changes in traffic flows, forecast future traffic, classify highways, set priorities in maintenance and capital funding, monitor safety aspects of the highways and optimize engineering designs. Traffic volume and classification data is published annually in the NWT Highway Traffic Report and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Report. The data also feeds into the Canada Centre for Transportation Data (CCDT), which is a joint initiative between Statistics Canada and Transport Canada.
Notes The first step in the analysis of the traffic data is to check for completeness and accuracy. Common problems include missing data due to the counter or module not functioning correctly, overlapping or missing data between months, and counts too high or low due to counter malfunctions. To ensure accurate results and also provide as much information as possible, a series of procedures have been established to correct deficiencies in the data. 31 files are available to be posted on Open Data, including 1993 Raw Data.xls thrpugh to 2021 Raw Data.xlsx (30 files) and YYYY Raw Data Layout.docx. Do NOT post 2022 Raw Data.xlsx as this has not been finalized and 2021 DCB Traffic.xlsx through 2022 DCB Traffic.xlsx as these have not been approved.
Group Driving and Transportation
Tags highways
Version 1.0
Starting Time Range 1993-01-01
Ending Time Range 2021-12-31
Geographic Range NWT
Release Date 2022-10-03
Last Modified Date 2022-10-03
Update Frequency Yearly