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The Northwest Territories Geological Survey (NTGS) releases results from scientific research programs in a variety of forms, including reports, datasets and maps

Assessment Reports: The NTGS houses an archive of over 4000 NWT Assessment Reports from the 1940s to present. NWT Open Report: Publications of raw data with minimal interpretation. The objective of these publication is to make information available to the public in a timely manner, and to allow access to geoscience data that might not otherwise be released. NWT Open File: Generally final reports or maps summarizing results of geoscience research undertaken by the NTGS or one of its partners. Open Files are subjected to external and internal peer-reviews. Mineral Potential Series: Consists of a dataset compiled to highlight an area or a commodity of perceived interest to the mineral exploration community. The objective is to provide a snapshot of the latest data relating to a given target of exploration or a geographic area, presented in a context which aids interpretation, and to attract interest to under-explored areas within the NWT. Educational Publication: Intended for students and the public. These publications may contain previously published data presented in a new form, or original data collected specifically for the Educational Publication, but will not contain original scientific material.

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