Collision Data

Collision data for the NWT for 1989 to 2021 calendar years in national collision data (NCDB-1) format. Each Excel file corresponds to one calendar year.

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Field Value
Metadata Standard .4
Metadata Contact Position Infrastructure Planner
Creator Policy, Planning and Communications Division
Source Data on reportable traffic collisions is collected by RCMP officers and recorded on report form. Completed forms are sent to INF HQ for review, entry, and processing.
Summary The data consists of 89 fields: 46 at the collision level, 26 at the vehicle level, and 17 at the person level. The number of records in each collision correspond to the number of road users that were directly involved.
Local Relevance Data is important for developing traffic safety countermeasures by knowing where collisions take place, among whom, how they occur, under what conditions, and contributing factors (i.e. speed, impairment, non-use of safety equipment, young vs. old road users). The data is used to published the annual NWT Traffic Collision Facts Report.
Notes Each RCMP report is reviewed upon receipt at INF HQ prior to entryon DRIVES for completeness and accuracy. Further checks (approximately 60 are carried out when the data is exported into Excel. These same checks are done on the annual data extract prior to becoming finalized. 34 files are available to be posted on Open Data, including 1989ncdb.xls through 2021ncdb.xls (33 files) and Data Dictionary.doc.
Group Driving and Transportation
Tags highways,safety
Version 1.0
Starting Time Range 1989-01-01
Ending Time Range 2021-12-31
Geographic Range NWT
Release Date 2022-09-01
Last Modified Date 2022-09-01
Update Frequency Yearly